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Samstag, 13. Oktober 2012

An interview with the chief of "Wiesenhof"

Sam asked me for translating the "Wiesenhof" articles in english.
At the moment I don´d have so much time, so once I use the "Google Translator" for it. I hope you understand it, I tried to correct it a bit.

***Here in german***
In the "Spiegel Nr.39/2012 I found an interview with the chief of Wiesenhof (PHW), Peter Wesjohann, and thought it might interest you . Since I use the product for legal reasons of course publish first not allowed, I will lead, in my view the most interesting and controversial moments this conversation in mind and analyze it.
 Initiated the conversation with some general information about the company. The market leader had made the industrial farming in Germany so big and the main target of NGOs and parties. This assumption is also confirmed by a number of reports from organizations such as Peta. (Wiesenhof scandal 2010, 2011, 2012). PHW occupy 5300 employees and had a turnover of approximately 2.2 billion euros per year, with the brand Wiesenhof and "the business of poultry meat" was the most important revenue generator. Controls are very important throughout the production cycle, as the company can produce mainly by independent, external companies. The hard numbers are:  For Wiesenhof alone die every year 240 million chickens, so every hour about 27,000 animals.Initiated the conversation is with the question of when Mr. Wesjohann by 1 Views have the breeding and slaughter plants of the family company, which was founded by his father Paul Hanz Wesjohann. Exactly when he did not know, but he said that his father had shown his son a year ago, everything. His son was "not a result become a vegetarian. On the contrary, he was thrilled." I don´t know how I should understand this statement. A child sees how animals in extremely cramped conditions, growing up in poor conditions and later to die cruelly - and is it any good? I thinks its hard to believe this statement, or to accept that the father Paul has made his son the facts also really clear. The consumer should assume apparently, if a child don´t think its bad, there is nothing bad. However, I have enough reasons (see various reports) to question these.The next statement of Wesjohann, which I think is very interesting is the following: "The animal is us from the ground up to the heart." He also argued that it would cause more harm to farmers, if they treat their animals badly. I wonder, however - if love the animals, why he's so proud that he has exactly the German guidelines for conventional factory farms? According to these guidelines, the chicken did not even mention a small paper on its own, of clearance, perches, etc. throughout. Each should be clear that this does not even begin to animal welfare concerns. PHW chief contends, however in the course of the interview again on this proud accurately.The organic sector, the Wiesenhof operated for some time, is also discussed. The animals have more discharge, get eco-food, but was not particularly successful in the business for Wiesenhof. In Wesjohanns eyes the problem is the low demand of the population, however, the Spiegel-interviewer holds with the fact that the need for Health Markets barely cover but can not. The thesis that there is more to the fact that there is no health food store wants to cooperate with Wiesenhof pushes Paul Wesjohann aside and responds rather disjointed as saying, "So I would like to sell to the organic supermarkets and can only invite everyone to be with us to report. Our organic chickens were raised by EU certification. it may be not. " That it's not always about the will of his business, he does not seem to understand.Is addressed as the chief Wiesenhof the responsibility and task of educating the consumer, he retreats quickly. "I can make people different offers. I do, indeed. But they overestimate our influence after all." As an entrepreneur, he would need to know that if the consumer is not cheap spoiled meat more is offered, they will resort to even more expensive organic meat. Everything is a matter of the offer. But apparently Wiesenhof not to be interested to take short-term revenue losses for a better life in animal purchase. And why? - It's all about money ...
Some consumers also don´t know at all what's going on behind closed doors. Of the meat producers to customers farm idyll is fooled. Wesjohann exclusive his company from this. "We use this long gone, but also demonstrate to our homepage, the sheds look like." However, when we hear the name or Wiesenhof , look at the logo in the farmhouse style, we clearly see the Wiesenhof definitely still want to use the image of the idyll. From conventional intensive stables I could not find anything on the website, just a bit about the organic consumer. That's why I've already sent a request to Wiesenhof. Let's see if they register ...The proximity to the citizens, even the critics think the boss in 2 Generation to be particularly important. Critical Werder (Werder-Bremen=Foodball club) fans and Peta-employee he invite like to see the stables. For me, this was the occasion in my question also add the request to be allowed me to watch a barn and / or slaughterhouse. We will then see how Slumming the company really is.Dismiss the bad images that were shown in the Peta reports repeatedly, his individual cases and all transgressors and spoiled chicken butcher already. "(..) You can never completely prevent that happen occasionally make mistakes." Said Wesjohann. And even though all operations are controlled allegedly repeatedly and meticulously.Controversial issues of factory farming avoids Wesjohann. The cruel beak trimming of chickens comes up, but when it comes to the company's general manager, the animals are almost your fault, "because the animals can otherwise hurt themselves." This is not wrong, unfortunately, is not the issue that the animals have a problem just because of the acute shortage of space. If the animals have claustrophobia to defend themselves against their peers - logically. The problem will not solve Wesjohann about through more space. No, the breeder should get this problem under control. So with chicken beaks Cripple breed. Not the man to adapt to the nature, but the nature of the people. So it seems to see Wesjohann.In general, the whole debate about factory farming is too emotional, they should be factual. When deciding between life and death, I personally believe it is not useful to be free of any emotion. And also so much of the criticism was completely drawn-fetched and had nothing to do with animal husbandry nothing. Wiesenhof is an exemplary company has, is better sanitary conditions than in most hospitals, and the chickens are just good. Why the PHW boss knows that, I do not know.Of course I would like to suggest to anyone that the entire company philosophy of happy chickens and sustainability is a big lie. Finally, the good Lord Wesjohann have the "responsibility to its 5300 employees "and do not have all the stress with the critics yet.
 The following letter I wrote because of my article to Wiesenhof:

     Ladies and Gentlemen,

     In an interview with Peter Wesjohann in the "Spiegel"  Nr.39/2012 is said that one can look on their website, as the animals are kept in stables. However, I could not find anything. Where exactly can you find this information? Is there this information to their conventional chicken farming? Also, I have heard of a live cam in the stables. Where they do, and if so where?
     In addition, Peter Wesjohann emphasized in the article again and again that each of the quality and welfare of livestock can convince himself. I would like to take this claim and have a look at one of their barns and / or abattoirs live. At best it would be for me in their operation at Möckern because this is close to me. Would this be possible in a timely manner?

     Sincerely, --------------------

2 days later, so today was then already the response from Wiesenhof:

     Dear ------,
     on the website www.wiesenhof-news.de you can very extensive information, raise your concerns appropriately.
     Here videos as well as pictures and messages are published for illustration.
     We hope to have helped.
     Sincerely yours
     Your team WIESENHOF
     i.A. Maik Ebeling

What can one say about this fu**ing, computer-made answer still?
A cheek .... But Wiesenhof, no wonder. >.<

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  1. This is kinda terrible oO

    I didn't think, that's so bad :(

    I am vegetarian. But my parents have their own farm. I'm happy that no on in my family buys this crap :(